Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms? Call our screening hotline.

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Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?
If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you can call our free COVID-19 Screening Hotline, available weekdays 7 am–11 pm, and weekends 8 am – 8 pm. Call 504.962.6202.

Celebrate our extraordinary doctors!
Doctors' Day is March 30!  Now more than ever, let our doctors and all our healthcare workers know how much they mean to YOU. Send them a little something extra!

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Our community means everything
We care for our patients like family, and family is always there to support each other. We appreciate our community giving a little extra during this time!

See why we LOVE our community!

Keeping our patients safe
To ensure your health and prevent community spread of COVID-19, the Louisiana Department of Health is requiring all healthcare facilities to incorporate a visitor restriction policy and postpone all elected procedures. For all LCMC Health resources on COVID-19, click here >>

Eat well and stay active
A healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise can keep your body fit and able to fight illness. Exercise is also an excellent way to lift your mood.

Tips to stay active

COVID-19: Know how it spreads
We know you have lots of questions: How does COVID-19 spread? Can the virus live on surfaces? Who should wear a mask?

Get the facts

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